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About Laura Kemp

2018 ⋅ biografie

Laura Kemp is a journalist, presenter and flying freelance story teller. She loves to write about culture and development and to carry out fierce interviews, for online, TV and print. She is based in Amsterdam but don’t be surprised if you catch her in London or New York.

How a social media detox changed my outlook on tech

2018 ⋅ Blog

The criticism directed at social media is growing fast. Even Silicon Valley seems to have seen the dangers of its ways and says it wants to protect us from the evils of the algorithm. I joined the growing club of people who needed a social media detox to find out how six weeks of abstinence […]

Global check in: good morning Australia!

2017 ⋅ Blog

Enjoyed speaking on ABC Australian radio to discuss the controversy surrounding Dutch Christmas character Black Pete. Listen to the conversation here.

De hei op met je laptop

2017 ⋅ Commercial work

This story is part of a series commissioned by Bilderberg hotels. For this first edition I speak with experts about the the positive effects of work meetings in nature.

BREXSHIT – “London loopt Leeg”: Vrij Nederland

2017 ⋅ Tekst

Voor Vrij Nederland ging ik naar Londen om een reportage te maken over de persoonlijke gevolgen van Brexit. Daar sprak ik met EU-burgers, Londenaren, studenten, professoren en vertegenwoordigers. De onzekerheid is groot en steeds meer mensen verlaten de stad.

Jennifer Goode on club Area & being Jean-Michel Basquiat’s girlfriend: Interview Magazine

2017 ⋅ Interview

For the first time, Jennifer Goodes shares her memories of the eighties in New York and her turbulent relationship with legendary artist Jean Michel Basquiat. Laura Kemp spoke with her for Interview Magazine.

‘See All This’ Spread PAN Amsterdam

2016 ⋅ home

Publication for national ART magazine See All This

Booking Loves Romance – Branded documentary

2016 ⋅ Commercial work

For this campaign by Booking.com I was asked by VICE Media to do the research. As a storyteller and journalist, I can only encourage the current movement of brands wanting to highlight real people, with relatable experiences, instead of the advertisement cliches we have seen for too long. It was great to collaborate on this romantic project.

Vluchtelingen en studenten wonen samen op een campus: hoe gaat dat er aan toe?

2016 ⋅ Mindshakes

Het is een primeur in Europa: In Amsterdam Nieuw-West wonen studenten en jonge vluchtelingen samen op een soort grote wooncampus. Hoe gaat dit er aan toe? Laura Kemp bezoekt samen met fotograaf Julie Hrudova het pas geopende ‘Startblok Riekerhaven.’

Interview Sjarel Ex // Boijmans van Beuiningen

2016 ⋅ Interview

Interview met Sjarel Ex voor Life & Technology Magazine: MAcFan. Hoe ziet de directeur van het Boijmans van Beuningen de relatie tussen kunst en technologie? Het tastbare en het virtuele? De toekomst?

Netherlands rents empty prison to Norwegian inmates // ARTE: French TV

2016 ⋅ ARTE

For French/German TV channel ARTE: I made a report about the very peculiar solution the Netherlands has to it’s empty prisons; renting them out to other countries’ inmates! In this report I visit the notorious “Norgerhaven” complex, currently inhabited by Norwegian inmates. What are the challenges of the cultural differences? How do the inmates deal with being far away from their family? And also: which laws do apply? Dutch? Or Norwegian?