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ARTE // report on kidney donation

2015 ⋅ Video

For the French channel ARTE, I sometimes get asked to report on a topic in the Netherlands that is relevant for a French/ German audience. The show is called Vox Pop and this time, it was about kidney donation.

I still find it quite funny that my voice in being dubbed. In the Netherlands, we were raised with subtitles and I’m quite sure that it really works to comprehend languages better. I wonder why the French still do it. I will write a blog about it when I find out.

Below you will find the segment that I did, for the whole show you are too late already because it only lasts one month. Sorry!

Nieuw project 4 from Laura Kemp on Vimeo.

Loosely translated:

“The Netherlands is a leader when it comes to Kidney transplantation by living people. This is because of it’s legal status, active participation by the government and an internationally recognized organ transplant center. Last year, more than 500 kidney transplantations by living people took place in the Netherlands. These Good Samaritans may be family members or friends, but can also be complete strangers such as people you can find on social media! Kidney patient Erardo Kea  found his donor on Facebook. After he shared a desperate plea he found 64 (!) participants who wanted to offer their kidney. Eventually hef found his match; Sylvia, a single mother of two kids. Erardo Kea is now trying to create his own platform where donors and patients can meet each other in a personal way. He states that this could also be a way to prevent illegal organ trafficking.”