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About Laura Kemp

2019 ⋅ home

           Hi! Laura Kemp picture: nouch.com I’m Laura Kemp. I graduated with a degree in Anthropology and MA in Journalism at the University of Amsterdam in 2013. Ever since then, I’ve been working  with various international media

How a social media detox changed my outlook on tech

2017 ⋅ Tekst

The criticism directed at social media is growing fast. Even Silicon Valley seems to have seen the dangers of its ways and says it wants to protect us from the evils of the algorithm. I joined the growing club of people who needed a social media detox

Jennifer Goode on club Area & being Jean-Michel Basquiat’s girlfriend: Interview Magazine

2017 ⋅ Tekst

JENNIFER GOODE AND AREA’S HEYDEY By LAURA KEMP Published at Interview Magazine ABOVE: JENNIFER GOODE AND JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT. PHOTO COURTESY OF JENNIFER GOODE.  “I met him at Area. He did not have to stand in line, because

Booking Loves Romance – Branded documentary

2016 ⋅ English

Check out our latest project for Booking.com featuring a romantic city trip by two young British poets to Vienna.   For this lovely campaign by Booking.com I was asked by VICE Media to do the research. As a story teller and journalist, I can only

Netherlands rents empty prison to Norwegian inmates // ARTE: French TV

2016 ⋅ USA

  For French/German TV channel ARTE, I made a report about the very peculiar solution the Netherlands has to it’s empty prisons; renting them out to other countries’ inmates! In this report I visit the notorious “Norgerhaven”

Interview with Opera Singer Davone Tines // Opera is no Monolith

2016 ⋅ Opera Forward

Voor: Opera Forward Magazine Opera is no Monolith Young American opera singer Davone Tines talks about opera, his lead role in Only the sound remains and working with Peter Sellars for OFF. “It was my grandfather who first realized I had

Interview with Yael Naim: Remember and Reconnect

2016 ⋅ Tekst

Yael Naim // Remember and reconnect by: Laura Kemp You will definitely remember her massive hit song New Soul of 2008, when Apple used it in an advertisement for the launch of the Macbook Air laptop. But French- Israeli artist Yael Naim speaks like

Manus x Machina in New York

2016 ⋅ English

Sooo  fashion. For art platform See All This  I went for a sneak peek at the MET exhibition Manus x Machina. Manus x Machina touches the changing relationship between craft and the machine in the world of fashion design. We saw many many dresses that

Trafo Pop: So Much Fun with Technology!

2015 ⋅ PUP

They form an extraordinary sight. Trafo Pop is a Berlin bicycle club of night riders that swarm the streets of Berlin like neon-bees on wheels. Their distinctive asset: bright, wearable electronics plastered onto denim jackets. Their philosophy: sharing

Working with CNN

2015 ⋅ CNN

I was just working on a story for an art magazine when I got a phone call from CNN. “Hello Laura, we know it’s very last minute, but why don’t you get a cab RIGHT NOW?” This is the reality of breaking news. And breaking news it

RTL New York: Get your own subway sign

2014 ⋅