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“It’s not hard to be a female referee – it’s hard to be a referee.” – Foot Locker

2019 ⋅ home

I’ve been working with VIRTUE  on a number of campaigns for Foot Locker, such as this one and this one. A favorite project I’ve been involved in is the mini doc below, in which female referees Shona Shokrula and Caitlyn O’Grady are

Booking Loves Romance – Branded documentary

2016 ⋅ English

Check out our latest project for Booking.com featuring a romantic city trip by two young British poets to Vienna.   For this lovely campaign by Booking.com I was asked by VICE Media to do the research. As a story teller and journalist, I can only

Netherlands rents empty prison to Norwegian inmates // ARTE: French TV

2016 ⋅ USA

  For French/German TV channel ARTE, I made a report about the very peculiar solution the Netherlands has to it’s empty prisons; renting them out to other countries’ inmates! In this report I visit the notorious “Norgerhaven”

Reportage // ARTE : ‘Bankierseed.’

2015 ⋅ home

ARTE // report on kidney donation

2015 ⋅ Video

For the French channel ARTE, I sometimes get asked to report on a topic in the Netherlands that is relevant for a French/ German audience. The show is called Vox Pop and this time, it was about kidney donation. I still find it quite funny that my voice

Working with CNN

2015 ⋅ CNN

I was just working on a story for an art magazine when I got a phone call from CNN. “Hello Laura, we know it’s very last minute, but why don’t you get a cab RIGHT NOW?” This is the reality of breaking news. And breaking news it

If Mama ain’t Happy Nobody’s Happy, wint VERS Awards 2014

2014 ⋅

VERS Awards 2014 from VERS Magazine on Vimeo. De film: If Mama ain’t Happy, Nobody’s Happy door Mea Dols de Jong won de VERS Awards 2014. Laura Kemp deed verslag.


2014 ⋅ Video

Behind the scenes bij de Museumnacht campagne! Welk verhaal schuilt er achter die dikke tieten in de stad? Waarom kiest Museumnacht voor deze campagne? Laura Kemp vroeg het de makers; Govert de Roos en het Festina Lente Collective. Art Sells: Behind

VOXPOP – ARTE European Television (from minute 13)

2014 ⋅

Costs of the Dutch Monarchy – VOXPOP – ARTE The Dutch Royal Family is the most expensive in Western Europe. Last year, the Dutch paid 110 million euros in tax money to the Royals. This is about €6.50 per citizen. The money has multiple

VOXPOP – short segment about youth prisons in the Netherlands

2014 ⋅

Segment for VOXPOP. A French German show for tv channel Arte. In this episode the Youth Custody systems in Europe were being scrutinized. I explained something about the situation in the Netherlands. Watch the show below. This is what I say:  The Netherlands

VERS Awards Extra Large

2014 ⋅ Video

In November streden tien jonge filmmakers om 10.000 euro tijdens de VERS Awards XL in het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam. Jona Honer was de winnaar met zijn film ‘IK. ‘Een confronterende documentaire over een schrijver die een persoonlijkheidsverandering