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Podcast: Changing The System

2020 ⋅ English


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Changing the System is a podcast project zooming in on some exciting movements of our time. If I had to describe to my grandchildren what was happening when we were young, I would probably define the times we’re we saw the rise of many movements. Many movements that we were already happening pre the Corona andemic, only  seem to be accelerating.

I think that’s a good thing. We may not know where we’re going but we can’t stay where we are. So each episode discusses another ‘broken’ system we are currently in. But not without some expert ideas of the best way out. From the Fast Fashion Economy, to Drug Policy to the future of the United Kingdom as a union of nations, it seems like what we used to take for granted, doesn’t necessarily seem to be working anymore. And I did my absolute best to find the coolest, most well spoken people to take us by the hand and show if what could be laying on the horizon.

The first three episodes of the podcast  are scheduled in the next month. Super happy to  have been able to sit down with people like Lauren Bravo and David Laport on Fast Fashion. Thijs Roes on Drug Policy and  Valentina Servera Clavell and Alex Kerr on  the renessaince of the Scottish independence movement.

For next podcast episodes I’m thinking about big data and the ‘metanet’, health care and police and social justice. If you have any suggestions on experts, guests, or systems that are changing, please reach out! I believe that in the end, many systems are related and I hope that together we may find a bigger picture about what’s going on.

I hope you will join the conversation, and hopefully we come out of it armed a bit wiser on the times ahead. Oh, and let’s have some fun on the way. See you soon!

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Artwork: Tjade Bouma
Music: Ian Bleu
Edit: Euan Macaleece