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VOXPOP – ARTE European Television (from minute 13)

2014 ⋅

Costs of the Dutch Monarchy – VOXPOP – ARTE

The Dutch Royal Family is the most expensive in Western Europe.

Last year, the Dutch paid 110 million euros in tax money to the Royals. This is about €6.50 per citizen. The money has multiple destinations, including the salaries of the King Willem Alexander, Queen Maxima, and Princess Beatrix; together € 1,6 million in 2014.

The rest of the money is spent on staff, safety and protection. Besides that, the royal palaces require maintenance, and being the historical buildings they are, that’s not cheap.

Interestingly enough, the spending process is not entirely transparent and Dutch citizens don’t know exactly how much money is spent on what. This has led to some debate in the Netherlands, although considering the situation, not that much.

In spite of the mysteries about the expenditure on the Royal Family, the Dutch still love King Willem Alexander and especially, their glamorous Queen Maxima.

75 % of the Dutch are in favor of the Monarchy, and value it’s ceremonial function as a part of their national identity.

With the entire country dressed in orange, the annual King’s day celebration is the biggest party of the year for a reason!